Our Team

Jan-Hendrik Scharf


Description follows…..

Susanna Rietschel


Marketing Management

Description follows…..

Ulrich Berger



Entrepreneur, Inventor and CEO of Guiding-Group`s Companies.
His career has brought forth a series of world
innovations that are now standards in the field of
tour guide equipment.

Andreas Hackenberg


Application Administrator

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Hugo da Silva
Head of Sales

Responsible for the Cruise & Destination market.
With a 3 years experience in sales strategy, guiding technology and software development.


Francesca Martignoni
Market Development

Responsible for the Tour Operators
market. Focused on marketing media, exhibitions and communication management.


Diego di Stefano
Head of Services

Responsible for the company’s service department. Focused on project management, logistics, technology implementation (on cruises or in cities) and help centre management.


Brigitte Karras
Webdesign Hosting

Responsible for Webdevelopment and Hosting for the Guiding Group .