Tour Guide  System– SmartBox Live streaming

A self-contained, mobile WiFi network bringing advanced audio tour technology
for groups to your customers’ smartphones.

Be it on a city walking tour, in a museum, on a bus, or on a ship, – the transmitter broadcasts both, live and pre-recorded audio, directly to your guests’ smartphones.
Once the tour participants have downloaded the receiver app there is no internet connection required.
Guide groups with up to 100 participants and have them enjoy stable and low latency transmission wherever you go.
Even more, you can upgrade the transmitter to function as a hotspot and offer your guests internet connection during the whole tour.


• Cost advantage over conventional audio guide system
• Reduced hardware usage, logistics and device maintenance
• Exceptionally low latency
• Up to 100 connections
• § Range of 80 meters in radius
• Receiver App for android and iOS
• Suitable for all common smartphone models
• 2.4 and 5 GHz Wifi
• Error compensation
• Easy-to-use interface
• High audio quality
• Environmentally sustainable technology based on utilization of   guests’ own devices

itour SmartGuide Tutorial


Besides the transmitter
itself, you get a suitable
charger, a microphone, and
a carrying bag.


Before starting the tour, make
sure the transmitter is fully

Logo facing front

Put the transmitter in its
carrying bag with the controls
facing up and the logo facing
the front of the bag.

Plug in

Plug in the microphone and
connect your own phone

Carrying safely

For safety reasons always
carry the transmitter in its own