Webinar Recordings


Into the new age of Guided Tours – December 2020

The recordings of our super-successful webinars are now online. If you missed our informative talk about the near future within the business, or want to re-watch its highlights, just click here!

 7:50 – What we stand for
 8:55 – Tourism: global trends and transformations
11:12 – Perspectives for 2021- Panel Discussion
12:10 – Will there be a substantive & irreversible industry shift?
42:56 – When will we have arrived at a new normal?
46:12 – How can technology pave the way to the future?
54:32 – Questions & Answers


2nd Edition „Into the new age of guided tours 2.0“- March 2021

The recordings for our second edition of Webinars is released, in English here but also in Spanish and Italian! We had a great time again, and if you missed the session, then you HAVE to click down here!

0:00 – Table of Contents
00:50 – Guiding Group & Panelists‘ presentation
4:45 – Review of our first edition 18:10 – Perspectives for 2021
„How will you reinvent the tourism industry?“ – Panel Discussion

44:46 – How technology suppliers can help you to resume business
54:50 – Conclusion / Questions & Answers