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itour SmartGuide

bring your tour onto your guests` smartphones

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itour SmartGuide

The app that brings your tour onto your guests‘ smartphones.

  • The GROUP GUIDE component is a digital voice transmission system
    („whisper system“).
    The transmitter, the itour SmartBox, generates a self-contained mobile WiFi network
    that streams the guide’s voice directly onto the participants’ smartphones.
  • The ON-YOUR-OWN GUIDE component is a full-featured self-guided tour
    on your smartphone.
    A georeferenced map shows the cities’ Points of Interest and suggests a walking route.
    Pre-recorded audio commentaries and picture slideshows are triggered automatically through GPS.


The GUIDING GROUP unites four corporations – itour city guide GmbH, tomis GmbH & Co. KG, iGuide Media GmbH and Initree Software GmbH – with different specialisations in the tourism services sector for guide systems. 

The service spectrum of the GUIDING GROUP ranges from content production, sales and rental of guide devices for individual tourists and tour guide systems for group tours and city tours to the development of mobile websites, CMS platforms and smartphone apps.