Our Mission
Our Mission

We make guided tours better.

We provide you with state of the art a digital all-in-one solution for your tours that effectively transforms your guests smartphones into powerful group- and self-guiding devices.

Our company strive to provide your guests with the best experience while helping you save costs and effort on hardware and logistics.

As a company that brings technology to the tourism sector and that therefore relies on the countless beauties of this planet, we feel obliged to contribute to their preservation.


2001: iGuide Media GmbH-Weimar-Berlin foundation. Our journey started here.

2005: itour city guide GmbH foundation and more than 80 delivered projects for tour operators and                    destinations.

2006: Tomis Gmbh & Co KG foundation and 1st audio city guide on telephone server.

2007: iGuide Media GmbH (Bern, Switzerland) foundation and more than 250 audio tours created in                  Europe
2012: merging of all previous companies into the network Guiding-Group.

2016: Guiding-Group becomes member of CLIA (Cruise Lines International Associations).

2018: Outsourcing of INITREE Software GmbH for software development.

Ulrich Berger
– CEO –

Entrepreneur, Inventor and CEO of Guiding-Group`s Companies.
His career has brought forth a series of world
innovations that are now standards in the field of
tour guide equipment.


Francesca Martignoni
 Market Development Manager

Responsible for the Tour Operators
market. Focused on marketing media, exhibitions and communication management.

+39 34 97216217

Hugo da Silva
Head of Sales

Responsible for the Cruise & Destination market.
With a 3 years experience in sales strategy, guiding technology and software development.


 Head of Services 

Responsible for the company’s service department. Focused on project management, logistics, technology implementation (on cruises or in cities) and help centre management.